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Navy and Yan Research & Business Knowledge Management Unit is operated from a virtual platform. The main objective is to conduct continuous research into ways to improve our business processes with a view to keep our fees reasonable while providing reliable services to our clients. We like to invest time in research and development. Thus, we have been continuously successful in keeping our fees lower than the market while not compromising on service quality. Despite the effect of Covid-19 and widespread inflation, we were able to maintain our pre Covid 19 fees in a lot of cases due to improved work methods.


“The thieves may be able to follow the design plans and produce a loom. But we are modifying and improving our looms every day. They do not have the expertise gained from the failures it took to produce the original. We need not be concerned. We need only continue as always, making our improvements.” —  Kiichiro Toyoda (Founder-Toyota Motor Corporation)

Tax - The scary bit

Can it be said that the tax system throughout the world is repressive!..  Application of the law Tax laws tend to be repressive in (almost

Our Main services

Our main services include Auditing, Accounting and Taxation. Other services include the following:  Tax advice; Assistance in tax

Firm's Values

We commit to provide competent, dependable and efficient services to all we serve. We value honest, informative and useful communication