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There are many entities that do not need audited financial statements, but frequently need to engage the services of an accountant to ensure they meet their reporting responsibilities to their stakeholders and regulatory bodies.

Accounts preparation is a core part of our business and we pride ourselves on being able to meet our client’s needs promptly and efficiently. We do not only do the number crunching but also ensure that the accounts are prepared carrying the least possible risk of being investigated by tax authorities as well as timely compliance when it comes to the filing of various returns.

We also outsource data entry services when we find that this would be efficient and could lead lead to a reduction of our costs that could be passed on to our client in the form of reduced fee.

As part of our accounting services, we also provide valuable advice to our clients with regards to the financial as well as strategic aspect of their business. We use accounting software that enables us to produce and deliver reliable accounts at a fast speed without compromising on the quality of our service. 


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If I was asked what is the difference between a gynecologist and an accountant, I would say that the former makes most of his money over a period of 9 months when a woman is pregnant, but, the latter doesn't have to wait for that event...She will be a client year after year, as long as she is in business (YNV)

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Our main services include Auditing, Accounting and Taxation. Other services include the following:  Tax advice; Assistance in tax

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