NEW ETON COLLEGE- Pioneered the introduction of modern subjects in the 60s and 70s

Knowledge is Power (Sir Francis Bacon)

The New Eton College is the oldest existing private secondary school in Mauritius, after the Bhujoharry College, and ranks among the top private secondary schools of the country. It was founded in 1932 by Late Goinsamy Venkatasamy. His objective was to set up a school for the common people while the country was experiencing discriminatory practices and deprivation of the people on ethnic grounds in schools run by the colonial government.

The College was owned by the Société Goinsamy Venkatasamy and subsequently managed by Late Vijaynathan Venkatasamy (better known as Vijay Venkatasamy), himself a past student of the New Eton College and a graduate of Chemistry and Physics from Hull University, UK. He obtained his degree in 1961. A very discrete person, known for his skills and unconventional methods of management, Mr. Venkatasamy had introduced various modern subjects for the first time in Mauritius which were not being taught in any school of the time. That was essentially in the pre-1977 era.The subjects were Electricity and Electronics, Surveying, Industrial Arts (in lower forms), Technical Drawing, Physical Science (which included both Physics and Chemistry), Sociology and Law.

Very few people know that the New Eton College had abolished the teaching of French language in 1977 but introduced it again in 1978. The exact reason is not known. However, students were still given the opportunity to attend French classes after school hours.

The New Eton College was the first institution of Mauritius to introduce Sociology at Advanced level in 1980 at the request of 3 students headed by Yajnyandra Nath Varma who had been admitted to Lower 6 in that year. This information is not known to anyone except Mr. Venkatasamy himself and the three students. Being a man of foresight, Mr. Venkatasamy did not hesitate to meet the demand of his students. He immediately took a bold step by introducing Sociology at Advanced level and thus, a new page was written in the history of education in Mauritius. The first Advanced Level Sociology exams were held in 1981 with only 3 students entering for that subject.

Following the introduction of Sociology at Advanced Level by the New Eton College, many state schools followed after a few years with other private schools introducing the subject at a much later date.

The New Eton College is the first and only secondary school of Mauritius to have produced a "Super Laureate". For the December 1976 exams, a student of the Higher School Certificate by the name of Sobnack was awarded the state scholarship for both the Economics and Science side. His subject combination at Advanced Level included Mathematics, Economics and Physical Science (Physics and Chemistry).

The footprints of various high level personalities are present on the grounds of the New Eton College, including Sir Anerood Jugnauth, past Prime Minister of Mauritius (as a teacher). Various students and teachers went on to occupy high levels of responsibility in the civil service as well as the private sector, including a number of well known professional accountants. 

In 1987, the school was acquired by the New Citizens Co Ltd (NCCL), a company constituting the staff of the New Eton College.

The moto of the college has always been "Knowledge is Power". In the 70s, an old Ice Cream seller within the compound of the college was often heard saying louding ... take power, take power.... while filing ice cream in cones to sell to students.

Famous quote: "Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance" (Confucius)