Pecuniary benefits should not be a source of motivation for employees


As an entrepreneur, executive or business owner, you do not want to always be the smartest person in the room. You want to surround yourself with a dream team that specializes in each of their roles and can bring unique insights and the right skills to help you reach your financial goals. 

One of the most important components of a business is its people. Products or services do not build companies, people do. Many business owners today want to grow their companies as fast as they can and are willing to do whatever it takes.

Here are some useful strategies to motivate your employees:

1. Express gratitude to your employees

Recognition and gratitude are some of the top staff morale boosters

2. Listen to employee feedback and take action based on it

Taking the time to listen to employee feedback and actively implementing it can make employees feel seen and valuable. At Toyota Motor Corporation , more than 700,000 suggestions are implemented each year, averaging ten per employee.

3. Celebrate achievements and failures alike

Promoting a work culture of celebrating wins and not dwelling on failure boosts morale and creates a supportive atmosphere

4. Allow flexible working and a more relaxed dress code

Flexible working arrangements and a relaxed dress code give workers the autonomy they crave

5. Set up a “coworking call” team members can drop in and out of when they want

“Virtual watercooler” programs help remote teams connect and increase productivity

6. Never look down on an employee

Do not openly criticise an employee, especially in front of his colleagues or a third party, however dumb he may be

7. Support employees in times of need

Be supportive when an employee is going through a hard time such as an illness or death of a family member

8. Crack jokes whenever you can

Cracking jokes in the midst of a tense situation can immediately lighten the atmosphere

9. Never act like a dictator

Nobody respects a dictator. Never portray yourself like one. But,  if you are actually a dictator type, you will not be able to fight your true nature while still wanting to retain employees, especially the good ones. The only choice you will have will be to be a hypocrite (which you probably are, already). So keep smiling. There is no harm, as long as the work gets done and the employee is happy

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